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Cam Patterson directs Frantic Films True Crime Pilot In Plain Sight

Patterson was commissioned to direct the true crime series pilot this past January 2018.

The Cam Patterson directed & edited feature film A Desperate Road has been delivered

Watch for listings for festival and television screenings in 2018.

Cam signs with agent Doreen Holmes and Integral Artists, Vancouver, BC.

SoGo to script Manitoba historical film SodMan

Cam Patterson has been commissioned to write a Manitoba historical film entitled SodMan, the poignant story of a squatter's struggle to survive the harsh winter of 1870 along the border of what was soon to become Manitoba.

SoGo to develop Marla Merasty children's book Chuck the different vampire into television series

SoGo is developing Marla Merasty's popular children's book Chuck the different vampire into an animated television series.

Cam Patterson directs True Crime Series I Knew My Murderer

Cam directed 26 episodes in 2017, now airing on Crime & Investigation in Australia, and SKY Network in Europe.


Brown Town Muddy Water gets high accolades

Cam Patterson edited Writer/Director Jesse Green's music documentary Brown Town Muddy Water that screened to eager audiences in San Francisco.

SoGo to co-produce Buddy Rich documentary and feature film

SoGo partnered with Cathy Rich's Chicago based Scabeba Entertainment to produce the official documentary on the world's greatest drummer, Buddy Rich. SoGo was also commissioned to write a feature film treatment entitled Pal; a Buddy Rich biopic currently under consideration by Whiplash producers, BlumHouse in Los Angeles.

SoGo to produce Anita Daher novels

SoGo is developing two screenplays with novelist/actress Anita Daher, adapting her novels Forgetting How To Breathe and Billeh the Kid.

Mind's Eye Pictures Option

Producer Kevin DeWalt options Cam Patterson's screenplay A Shake in the Tree for 2018 production

Roger's Media Funding

SoGo receive's Roger's Media development funding for 1912 period drama television series Point Douglas

BellMTS broadcasts SoGo documentary

The BellMTS produced Aboard the Namao, marks the third documentary from writer/director Cam Patterson for Stories From Home, and the second for SoGo Productions.

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